Andrei Hirschhorn - school stakeholder

To whom it may concern,

As Operations Manager at Global Community Charter School, I worked closely with David White in his role as Data and Testing Coordinator for 3 years.

David was a talented and insightful colleague who brought technical expertise, detail-focused diligence, and a proactive, solutions-oriented thoughtfulness to the planning and execution of urgent and logistically complex tasks.

We worked together on a variety of challenging, data-oriented projects such as building a schoolwide database for the implementation of a new Student Information System, scheduling and overseeing the use of multiple student performance diagnostics, and the aggregation and interpretation of data generated by these diagnostics for internal and external presentation.

David was absolutely essential to the success of these and many other projects.

David’s work was indispensable to the day-to-day functioning of the school, with teaching, support, and administrative staff accessing his databases and reports for everything from family contacts and food allergies to class schedules and academic proficiency levels. In addition to the daily, internal importance of his work, David interpreted and organized our school’s data for presentation to the New York State Department of Education, our Board of Trustees, and various foundations, institutes, and organizations for partnerships and funding. 

David’s work was crucial to the basic operations of our school as well as its long term growth and improvement. David was extremely impressive in his ability to understand our school’s challenges and determine its opportunities from a detailed, granular perspective as well as a top-down, big picture view.

Beyond his talents and proficiency in his role, David was a friendly and motivating partner who listened to the needs and ideas of his colleagues and was always working to improve his skills and ensure the quality of his work. I am proud to have worked with David and neither I nor our school could have succeeded without him. David would be a great asset to any organization that seeks to employ him.


Andrei Hirschhorn

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