Heather Barfield Ministries | Responsive Web Design by David White

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The Client

Heather Barfield Ministries, Inc. is a Holy Spirit led and directed ministry headquartered in New York, NY. It focuses on outreach to abused, lonely, emotionally scarred, depressed, disappointed and discouraged people to simply remind them that God has not forgotten them and that He loves them.

Heather Barfield Ministries presents the annual Daughters of Destiny Conference which seeks to empower women in all areas of their lives.

The Problem

Pastor Heather Barfield needed a professional-quality website in order to spread awareness of her ministry and its upcoming events.

The Solution

I built the following website to address the client’s needs:

Key Features & Benefits:

  • The website clearly articulates the client’s vision and mission.

  • The website’s responsive design makes it visually appealing easy to use on all desktop and mobile devices.

  • The website is consistent with the organization’s tone, style and branding.

  • The website allows the organization to sell its products and collect donations directly on their own website.

The Process


In order to prepare the materials needed for this project, I completed the following steps:

☑ Had an in-depth conversation with the client about their vision and goals for their website

☑ Created a personalized style guide to establish and document  the client’s colors, branding and visual style

☑ Created custom logos, wordmarks and graphical elements matching the client’s personal brand

☑ Gathered and edited all photos, videos and audio content to be included in the website

☑ Gathered and edited all text to be used on the website


Having gathered and edited all needed materials, I then used HTML, CSS and JavaScript web code to build a custom website for the client.

The live website can be viewed at:

Client Testimonial