Data Analysis Kit | Quantitative Information Display by David White

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The Client

Global Community Charter School (GCCS) is an independent, inquiry-based public charter school located in Harlem, NY. GCCS serves 450 students in Kindergarten through 5th Grade.

The Problem

Global Community Charter School needed a tool that could assist teachers in delivering targeted review and test preparation. The tool needed to be informed by the results of their mock NYS CCLS exam.

The Solution

I created the following data kit to address the school’s needs:

Key Features & Benefits:

  • The spreadsheet’s visual design allows the students’  strengths and areas needing improvement to become immediately apparent.

  • The spreadsheet’s color-coding facilitates quick and easy “wrong-answer analysis” of multiple choice questions.

  • The spreadsheet’s summary section quickly and clearly displays how well the students understand each Common Core learning standard. This supports targeted instruction and review.

The Process


In order to prepare the materials needed for this project, I completed the following steps:

☑ Talked to teachers and school leaders in order to gain a clear understanding of their needs and concerns

☑ Created data input sheets and distributed them to each classroom teacher

☑ Gathered the completed data input sheets from each classroom teacher

☑ Checked the raw data for errors and/or inconsistencies; wrangled the data into a consistent and uniform tidy data format

☑ Applied calculations and array formulas to the data set in order to calculate totals and averages by category


Having gathered and edited all needed materials, I then used Microsoft Excel to  create data kits for school leaders and for each teacher. I made the data kits accessible to school leaders and teachers online using Google Sheets. The data kits were used by the school to help identify the students’ areas of strength and the areas where students still needed more support.

Testimonials from stakeholders at Global Community Charter School: